Grading System / Grade distribution tables

Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce 

The Polish grading system in higher education is based on the 5 to 2 scale, where 5 is the best mark and 2 is the worst. Moreover, students can also be marked with additional sign of + which equals half a point: + means 0.5 more. Some courses, however, are not evaluated on such a marking scheme and for these a student may simply obtain zal. or zaliczenie which means that their workload was satisfactory and they have passed the course.

Local grade ECTS grade Local definition
5 A Very good (bardzo dobry)
 4+ B Better than good (dobry plus)
4 C Good (dobry)
 3+ D Better than satisfactory (dostateczny plus)
3 E Satisfactory (dostateczny)
2 F Failed/Unsatisfactory (niedostateczny)
  Credit/approval Credited without marks

Grade distribution tables

To ensure transparent and coherent information on the performance of the individual student, we provide statistical distribution tables of the passing grades awarded in different fields of study. Grade distribution tables show how the existing scale is being used at the Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce and allow for comparison with the statistical distribution of grades in a parallel reference group of another institution. They represent the statistical distribution of positive grades (pass and above) awarded in each field of study. In addition, information on success rates is provided. A grade distribution table will facilitate fair treatment of the incoming students on their return to the sending institution.

Grade distribution tables 2019/2020 and 2020/2021

Grade distribution tables 2021/2022 and 2022/2023

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