Grading System

Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce 

The Polish grading system in higher education is based on the 5 to 2 scale, where 5 is the best mark and 2 is the worst. Moreover, students can also be marked with additional sign of + which equals half a point: + means 0.5 more. Some courses, however, are not evaluated on such a marking scheme and for these a student may simply obtain zal. or zaliczenie which means that their workload was satisfactory and they have passed the course.

Local grade ECTS grade Local definition
5 A Very good (bardzo dobry)
 4+ B Better than good (dobry plus)
4 C Good (dobry)
 3+ D Better than satisfactory (dostateczny plus)
3 E Satisfactory (dostateczny)
2 F Failed/Unsatisfactory (niedostateczny)
  Credit/approval Credited without marks