Participants with special needs

Jan Kochanowski University of Kielce supports persons with disabilities. Our buildings on campus are equipped with elevators and wheelchair ramps. The University Library is a very friendly place and has a range of facilities adapted for the disabled:

  • wide driveway
  • automatically opened doors
  • hands-free elevator system suitable for users on wheelchairs as well as visually impaired people
  • toilets for people with physical disabilities
  • floors made of special non-flip surfaces – moving around the building is safe for people with disabilities.

In order to remove information access barriers the visually impaired people face everyday, the  University Library offers several computer workstations which are meant to facilitate acquisition,  storing and retrieving of information. Additionally, one can find there:

  • a computer with software screen reader, speech synthesizer (providing six natural voices); allowing a blind person to fully and freely use the PC’s resources
  • Braille embosser
  • auto-reader (a device that automates the process of converting written text into several audio formats, ready to listen to on one’s computer, phone, mp3 player)
  • portable electronic magnifiers
  • fixed-screen enlargers.

Naturally, all disabled readers can always count on friendly and professional assistance of trained library staff.

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